✿ Dolly Wink #1 (Dolly Sweet) & #17 (Diamond Dolly) [Review] ✿

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I decided to write a little on these two numbers from Dolly Wink because I like them so so much ^___^ I've tried many lashes in the past, mostly generic, but these are definitely better and much more comfortable. Like my mom always tells me, “咩野价钱咩野货” which means you get the quality you pay for, basically.

Number One is Dolly Sweet 

When I took this photo I already just used the bottom pair and realized I should take a quick photo of them LOL so please excuse me for the lack of photos ^___^"

These ones were the most comfortable lashes I have ever worn. I love the dolly look with the thicker lashes at the end and more thin, natural ones in the front. They give really dolly looks and very sweet looking doe eyes. 

Here I am wearing them. You can see the ends are very fanned out and sweet looking.

Number Seventeen is Diamond Dolly

These lashes are so cute in my opinion because the thicker lashes are in the middle so it actually gives your eyes a rounder, wider appearance rather than a more "kittie-like" appearance like the Dolly Sweets which have the emphasis on the outer corners. 

Here I am wearing them...

Sorry for the overexposure... only nice shot hehe

See, the eyes look more round since there is less emphasis at the ends of the lashes. It is only my eyeliner that gives it the wing at the end.

~ ~ ~

I really like exaggerated lashes for pictures and purikura because they actually show up in the photo hahaha. 

The Dolly #1s are actually a lot more comfortable for some reason... had me questioning the material used to make the #17s. It seems the band is SO much more flexible on the #1s and the band on the the #17s are much more stiff and hard. But perhaps its due to the criss-cross design on them. 

Also, I usually used the DUO glue for my false lashes, but I ran out and tried the dolly wink glue that comes in the package. It's actually super super good!! I even cried in them and rubbed my eyes and it's still fine. Wow lol. 

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the last couple of days for 2013!! These days will never come back again, so cherish them well with friends and family ^___^ 

Cindy  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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  1. Hiii! Just dropping by your blog before going for NYE. I love those falsies and how it tapers towards the end, you're right now it pops the centre of your eyes more. I do tend to get the less expensive falsies but now I MIGHT venture towards some others ones hahahah. Love the review! Choco BB have a great new years <3

  2. ahahaha Mango Bunnie you'll love them!! You already know hahaha. I do wish they weren't so pricey!! So I take good care of them hahahahaha instead of others where its wear and throw away ;P Thanks so much Love Bunnie, MUAH ;]

  3. I love the eyelashes, the first two times I ever had fake eyelashes on me were put on me by my sister and then the second time was put on by the salon. But by before the end of the night they lift off around the edges. I tried to put them on myself when I was 19 and accidentally got the glue in my eyes. How embarrassing & painful. But I will try again! You look so lovely with them!

    1. AWWW baby you're so cute!!! Don't worry you will get the hang of them! And the glue from Dolly Wink as well as the DUO glue works so well that you won't even have to worry about the edges lifting off ;D

  4. Cindy bebeeee I wish you would post more on your blog!! I don't get enough of you from IG!! Hehehehe! <3 LOVE YOU!!! How else am I gonna stalk your pretttttty face???? <3 <3 <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | GEO Eyes Cream Lenses Review

    1. AWWWW BUNNIEEEE~~ I will work hard at churning out more posts!! Already getting some ideas together ;D And love love your post on the contacts!! I'm going to order some too!! :)

  5. you are so cute! love the lashes as well!~



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