✿ Kose SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil [Review] ✿

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I've been using this product for a little while now and I decided to give it a review. This product is a makeup remover/cleanser and I really like the adorable packaging. Boyfriend Kevin bought it for me when in Japan because I wanted to try out some new products and this is supposedly a best seller.

Adorable right? This isn't the normal packaging, it's the special Peanuts one!! So cute☆〜(ゝ。∂)He even got me the refill in case I would like it!! And I do like it! However, I only use it for certain things.

The product is supposed to be good for removing makeup without stripping out all the natural oils in your skin. I've seen reviews from other people, some saying that it was very good at removing their BB creams and others saying they didn't like the texture or that it made them break out.

Personally, if I used this product alone in removing my makeup, it wouldn't be very effective. I usually use my normal exfoliating wash first and then I slab this on afterwards. The exfoliating wash really gets off almost everything and this oil cleanser does the rest. I follow it up with a toner and moisturizer. What I have noticed is after I started using this cleanser, my skin has gotten softer and less dry. That's definitely a pro.

I also use this when I am removing my false lashes. I like to put some on a Q-tip and apply it on the base of the false lashes. The glue will become less adhesive and the lashes will come off very easily. No more pulling on my natural lashes! Also, very effective at fixing eyeliner oopsies! If you accidentally make a mistake or want to revise your eyeliner, this product is particularly good at fixing it without being too "wet" like normal eye-makeup remover. 

If I have to rate this product, I would probably give it a 3.9/5 ✩ It isn't too good for removing makeup (from my experience) but it is a good second-step cleanser (moisturizes skin) and helps remove eyelashes. It's also very affordable (around $15-$20/ 230 mL bottle) and lasts for quite some time. 

Thanks for reading (^_−)−☆

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  1. I can tell you wear circle lenses quite a lot, I've never bought circle lenses & really want to. In like one of each color if I could! >_< I need to buy prescription one though, -4 in both eyes. But anyways, you should still do a review on circle lenses. Which retain moisture the most and what not. Because my contacts, the ones I just wear so I can wear some sunglasses during bright sunny days, I can't wear them longer than 8 hours. Around 6-7 hours they start getting dry and I have to put in drops (which my make up smears at times -_- ) but I was wondering if circle lenses are the same. && which look more dolly or how well the color comes out etc. :D If you can, if that's not much trouble, but if not all is well too. :D :D

  2. omg :o you are so so so pretty! xx


    1. Oh my gosh, what a compliment :3 Thank you Supriya!!~

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