☁︎ New DIY Bling Cell Phone Case!! ☁︎

4:36 AM

I had the biggest urge to make a YouTube video showing you all how to do a Bling Cell Phone case, but my camera died and I had to use my laptop's webcam to film it D: And the quality was horrible!! Then the angle of the camera wasn't fit for filming how I did the case, really, but I'll post it up anyways. Here is the video (it's a little choppy, I think it might be Windows Movie Maker:

Anyhow, I'm going to post the instructions here now:
- Epoxy Glue (the kind that dries in 5 minutes)
- Clear, Hard Phone Case
- Tweezers and/or Pick Up Pen
- Rhinestones and Charms/3D Deco
- Good Amount of Time

- Make sure all your rhinestones are face upwards!! If they aren't and you're trying to put them on fast before the Epoxy glue dries, it'll be super inconvenient (trust me, I learned the hard way last time I tried this.. -______-)!
- Place your Deco around the phone case without glue and envision how you want the case to end up looking like.
- Glue on bigger Deco first, and glue rhinestones around them. Also do the border of phone case with rhinestones to ensure a neat, even look (I tend to not do this and get a messier look).
- Fill in areas without bigger Deco with rhinestones.


**See better instructions with photos at Glamorous Bling. (Note: GBlings is currently not an active seller. Please visit BlingBlingZone if you'd like to make any purchases.)

** This time around took me about an hour and a half to finish the whole case (front piece and back). Last time it took me more around 5 hours or so because I was still learning the best way to do things.

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  1. Can i use like a Jelly case? But not the really soft kind of jelly case

    1. Hi ∩__∩ I think I know what you're talking about. The firmer silicone cases right? I don't think it'll be as good because you need to stretch it a bit to put on your phone and once the glue is on there, it stiffens. I think a clear case is best ^________^

    2. Oh, well that's kinda sad since it's the only kind of case available for my phone :(

    3. Oh really? What phone do you have? :0


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